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What your SafeTstop Test Report Includes

The SafeTstop brake, alignment and suspension test report is an accurate and easy to understand condition report on your wheel alignment, suspension and brake analysis.  Adjustments can be made that will deliver you real savings on your motoring and ensure your brakes operate at peak performance.

Brake Imbalances

Detects dangerous side to side and front-to-rear brake imbalances that can cause a vehicle to lose control

Drag / Alignment

Checks drag / alignment on both front and rear axles to guarantee maximum tyre performance

Ride Quality

Measures ride quality by testing the rebound and oscillation of the suspension, from firm to soft

Corner Weight

The Safe-T-Stop test also measures corner weight and acts as a weighbridge

Print out report

Gives an accurate, easy to read printout of the vehicle’s performance with date/time stamped photo proof that the test has been completed on YOUR vehicle

The benefits of a SafeTstop Check

A SafeTstop check will give you an accurate and detailed report that will enable you to make the adjustments necessary so you will:


Know that your vehicle will stop straight and in the shortest possible distance in an emergency


Get the best performance from your tyres and save money by not replacing them as often

Fuel Consumption

Maximise your fuel consumption by minimising tyre drag


Know that your shock absorbers are working correctly for optimum suspension performance

Avoid Hassles

Avoid future hassles and inconvenience of brake, suspension or tyre trouble

Detects Brake Imbalances

Detects dangerous side to side and front-to-rear brake imbalances that can cause a vehicle to lose control

“In 8 weeks of use, we have identified over 12 brake faults which we would not have detected with our previous on-road brake test method”

“Using the weighbridge and suspension facility, we were able to show evidence of work required….2 x spring upgrades on light commercials”

– Bosch Milperra

“This machine appears to be bullet proof!”

– Holden

“wow factor with customers…picks up faulty brakes on cars that pass other tests”

“My very experienced wheel alignment technician tells me … the reading (on the aligner) is EXACTLY as found by the SafeTstop. Now THAT impressed me.”

– Andrew, prestige dealer 

“Test EVERY vehicle … on the way to the hoist!”

– Kensell Holden, Tamworth, NSW

“The team at SafeTstop are committed … values mirror the Toyota commitment to quality and safety. When you combine these core values with the benefits of the technology and the business case, it’s a compelling proposition.”

– Toyota New Zealand

“Not just a technical brake performance test, alignment check, suspension test and weighbridge – it’s a whole profit-generating business plan.”

– Col Crawford Honda

“Return on our Investment took slightly less than 3 months” “A much better return than our wheel alignment machine”

– City Mazda, Melbourne

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