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Is SafeTstop approved for vehicle testing?

Yes, SafeTstop is approved by VicRoads, RMS in NSW, TMR in Queensland, Department of Transport in WA, and the New Zealand Transport Agency (WOF and COFA), and it meets worldwide standards for brake testing.

Do I need to cut the concrete to install SafeTstop?

SafeTstop can be mounted above ground, but an inground model is available.

I have limited space in my workshop and nowhere to put a SafeTstop. How can I fit it in?

SafeTstop can be installed on any flat concrete surface. The best place is just inside your workshop door, so each vehicle can be tested on its way to the hoist. This is usually a space you can’t use for anything else. You can also install SafeTstop outdoors (it is weatherproof).

Can we locate the SafeTstop inside my workshop - we have to drive there to get to hoists?

SafeTstop can be driven over on the way to the hoist – just treat it like any other part of the floor. Drive over it in any direction to get from A to B – as long as the vehicle doesn’t weigh more than 4.5 tonne.

Is there a computer/printer with the SafeTstop?

SafeTstop comes with its own dedicated computer and printer, and even pre-printed test sheets with your business information on them.  Every test is stored in the computer, so you can recall it later if needed. No complicated additions to your existing systems.

My customers are not keen to spend money on extra testing – how will we pay for the SafeTstop?

Your customers will be happy to receive the printed test report with date, time and photo proof of the test. It allows them to see exactly how effective their brakes are, and why you needed to do the work on their car. Some workshops build the cost into a service by adding 0.2 hours of labour, and some charge a small fee for the test – $20 to $25 is about right. At this price, it isn’t difficult to pay for your SafeTstop and to make a profit as well.

We are a busy workshop – how will we fit this extra testing into our workflow?

Test every vehicle on the way to the hoist – it takes less than 1 minute and the extra information found by the SafeTstop will help you provide better service. Your staff will find extra work as well as diagnosing problems more quickly – seized callipers, leaking master cylinders, collapsed brake hoses, and faults in proportioning valves. SafeTstop provides staff training when your machine is installed, at no extra cost, as well as ongoing support and service.

Is there a warranty on SafeTstop? What about service?

SafeTstop has a five year warranty on the test track and a 12 month warranty on the computer and printer. All our service is based from our factory in Minchinbury, and parts are readily available. Many SafeTstop units are still operating after 15 years – it has been said they seem “bulletproof”!

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