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Heavy vehicle brake testing is now part of the Chain of Responsibility requirements in Australia, and is part of any heavy vehicle safety programme. SafeTstop offers heavy vehicle operators an inexpensive means of testing brakes AND a weigh-bridge – in one simple solution. You and your drivers know the exact brake performance and weight of every vehicle tested.

Drive a vehicle over the SafeTstop in just seconds, and you have results you can work with. Brake performance on EVERY WHEEL, and brake balance as well. Stop on the weigh-bridge plates and measure weight WHEEL BY WHEEL. It can also give you corner weights and axle weights.

All this is printed automatically onto a printed report that gives photo proof, with date and time. These results are also stored in the dedicated SafeTstop computer, so you can recall them later if you need to. The unit has no moving parts, is ready to use as soon as the power is turned on, and requires only a 12volt power supply. It couldn’t be easier!

SafeTstop is installed onto the workshop floor, or the driveway (it is weatherproof). It does not require any concrete cutting (although there is an in ground model available). It is only 75mm high, and can turn a wasted area into a valuable asset. Installation takes only a day and does not disrupt your workflow.

SafeTstop test lanes have been developed in conjunction with regulatory bodies internationally and comply with most government requirements. We are the specialists – we ONLY design and build brake testers. We are an Australian company and work from our factory – with specialist technicians. We train your staff and we provide legendary follow-up and maintenance.

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